Small Business and the American Dream

The pursuit of happiness:  one of our most important rights as Americans is the right to chase our dreams.  And for many of us, nothing better represents the American Dream than building our own successful business, and creating a safe and comfortable life for our families.

This July 4th comes on the heels of over 3 months of setbacks in all areas of our lives, and so far 2020 has been particularly challenging for Small Business owners.  We’ve lost a few, many are hanging on for the recovery, and a lucky few have found ways to pivot and grow in these conditions.  We hear from hundreds of Small Business owners a week, and we’ve heard all the struggles, challenges and opportunities that they face.  The one thing all Small Business owners have in common?  Big plans!  Which brings us back to the pursuit of happiness:  at ZING Funding we salute all the Small Business owners struggling, reinventing themselves, planning for the future — and not giving up on the American Dream.

Why support your local Small Business?

This new “socially distant” climate is reminding us that in fact we are all in this together.  We are all struggling in this moment of uncertainty, and we need to be ready to help wherever we can.  Those people going back to work with a mask and a face shield?  Many of them them are heading back to the small businesses that run our communities.  The diverse industries in our own backyards are important to all of us because we rely on their services, we use their products, and we benefit from their creativity.  And we rely on them to create opportunity in the form of jobs for the rest of us.  So if we want life to return to normal (or even a “new normal”) we are going to have to pitch in and go out of our way to support Small Business.  We are all a part of the big puzzle of American productivity, and now is the time to put all the pieces back in place for the big picture – America is going to get through this difficult time, and with our help, small businesses will lead the way.

This summer is going to be a summer of change for all of us as we adjust to life after lockdown.  One by one, states are relaxing the restrictions placed on business activities and people are getting back to their friends and favorite summer activities.  But just as every person needs to carefully plan his or her reentry into society, so do businesses need a plan to pick up the slack caused by the pandemic.  And one of the most important things that will get them moving again will be our support.  To really help get America back in business this summer, we need to look at all of the Small Businesses that make up the working parts and keep them in great working condition.

To be clear, the speed of the recovery will depend in large part on Small Business.  They represent the millions of hard working components that keep American industry chugging and create the majority of new job opportunities for the rest of us, and are vital to the economic health of our country and our communities.  Now more than ever, as we all struggle to regain our footing, we need to identify the Small Businesses around us and work with them, and support and promote them.  If we pay attention to each other, to our neighbors, and to what businesses they own and work in, we will naturally begin helping each other.  And that’s how real, healthy change will take place – by looking across the street instead of across the world and paying attention to our communities and all the hard working people around us.

The American Spirit

There are over 30 million small businesses in the U.S., and the entrepreneurs who took the plunge to start something new need our support now as much as we need them to create the jobs and innovation that will drive America forward again.  This points directly to our strength – America’s character comes from all of its people working hard on their dreams and supporting each other in times of need.  The economy won’t recover without small businesses, and that’s why we should go out of our way to encourage them – and be proud to do it!  One of the key takeaways from the struggle of being confined these last few months is that we are better off with each other, doing business with the people around us, being active members of society. After all, it’s our small and local businesses that represent the country’s backbone and true potential.

It’s easy to help Small Business!

It’s easy to go buy everything we need at a big box store.  But if you start to look more closely at the businesses in your local community, you’ll see just how much more they have to offer!  That feeling you get from a personal interaction with someone from down the street is unbeatable.  A personalized service from someone who knows your name is familiar with their own product offering is much more satisfying than the detached interaction that so often comes under the cold fluorescent glare of a large corporation.  And the product offering at an independent business is often better quality because the owner is the one making the choice.  Americans bring their own unique perspectives and talents to all industries in Small Businesses across the nation, which is what makes our communities feel like communities.  There aren’t many places on earth that offer the consumer so much choice, and that diversity comes from small, local businesses.  It’s one of the simplest things we can do to preserve this unique and diverse American experience:  think local, look for the businesses owned and operated by the people around you, and watch how the community thrives.

Small Business inspires America

When looking at small business trends today, one of the most common listed reasons for creating a new business is that people were ready to be their own boss.  When people see an opportunity to create something for themselves, and when that opportunity is accessible, then that’s when the magic happens.  Small Business owners have the courage to take the plunge and make a change in their lives.  It takes great sacrifice to pursue a passion and seize the right opportunities; and feeling that need to take the reins and head in a new direction is a truly American impulse.  We don’t settle for the status quo – we innovate.  We diversify.  We move forward.

As Americans we share the basic responsibility of living together and supporting each other’s right to pursue the American Dream.  To work hard and meet our full potential is a right and a privilege that we all share.  And this has never been more obvious than right now, coming out of pandemic shutdowns and making the best of our circumstances. It’s that reassuring spirit and drive that point to a collective recovery.  And clearly the Small Businesses of our country are the engine of that drive.  They were ready to be their own boss, take control of their dreams, and take personal risks to make it happen.  That should be an inspiration to us all!

We can ALL be part of the recovery process

Here’s the best part:  we can all be part of the recovery and help build up our communities into strong support systems that can tackle any challenge.  We can work with each other at a local level to make sure help is there when we need it.  We can drive the extra mile or two to spend our money at a family-owned business.  Together we can get this economy going again, and we will all benefit from a healthy local Small Business community.

Small Business will lead the recovery – and we can all be a part of it.  We owe it to them, we owe it to America.  Celebrating the drive and success of Small Businesses throughout the nation is absolutely the right thing to do.  The ripple effect will be incredible.  We help small businesses thrive, and they help us in every aspect of our lives. We’ll have a healthier economy and a healthier community with the kinds of opportunities and successes we are all more than ready for.

The first half of this year was challenging for all of us, and this is our chance to turn 2020 around and make this summer the best it can be!  Find local businesses and reach out to them. Pay attention to how much they really have to offer. And watch how strong the community becomes…

Happy Independence Day!

Here’s to the American Dream!

Here’s to American Small Business!


How Zing is helping Small Business lead the way:

ZING is a new idea that came about during a pandemic.  With the global economy facing its biggest setback in decades, we watched as the Small Businesses that drive the US economy struggled to survive and access the government loans that were intended to help them. Many business owners spent days navigating the traditional loans application process only to find out that priority was given to bigger existing customers.  ZING’s mission was born: bring flexible and responsible funding options directly to Small Business owners, make it quick and easy to do business with us, and get them back to growing their business as soon as possible.

ZING is committed to the success of Small Business, and we look forward to partnering with you to provide the financing solutions to help you adapt and grow your business.